“Best Family Show” AWARD

The Bubble Show received the Merlin Award as “BEST FAMILY SHOW” 2018.

Mr. B gets transported from his hectic and stressful life to the beautiful underwater world of Bubblelandia.

Along with Mr. B, the audience will experience an escape into a world filled with bubbles of all shapes and colours. Seahorses, dragon fish, starfish, mermaids, clown fish, and even a massive whale guide Mr. B through his imaginary journey which teaches him to appreciate the things in life that matter. Mr. B’s escape to Bubblelandia allows him to slow down and simply marvel at life’s beauty.

Inspired by the artistry of Cirque du Soleil. Italian director and performer Enrico Pezzoli, along with performer Dace Pecoli combine imaginative minds to create a fascinating bubble world. Pezzoli’s many direction credits include the Riga (Latvia) 800 Years Celebration and a segment of the closing ceremonies for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

The Underwater Bubble Show is an extravaganza of soap bubble artistry, mime, contortionism, puppetry, juggling, sand art, laser technology and theatrical magic. Snow cannons and soap bubble tornadoes are among the highlights that bring added excitement.

Many opportunities for audience participation fill the highly interactive show. With no spoken dialogue, the performance is further enhanced by the original music of Latvian composer Valdis Zilveris, along with stunning costumes and make-up.

Why see the show?

Mr B, step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary as the stage transforms into a multi-sensory, eye-dazzling underwater world.

Full of acrobatics, huge animal puppets, dancers, drama, magic and millions and millions of bubbles, leave what you thought you knew about family entertainment at the door. Let your mind run wild and let your heart be free as this transformative experience envelops you into a parallel universe.

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